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15670 NE 85th St, Redmond, WA 98052


+1 425 200 4273

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Attractions - Gomata

Attractions - Cow protection

Attractions - Vedic Village

Attractions - Ratha Yatra

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Indian Gyr Cows

The Gyr is a type of cattle originating in India. It is an important milch cattle breed of India. The cattle cows best known for their milking prowess.

Yoga for Transcendental Soul

The word yoga is based on "yuj"(the root of the word) and means "to link with" or "to unite'. To unite the body with nature, that is hatha-yoga. To create unity within the mind and the body, that is pranayama. To create unity with the mind and the soul, that is jnana. To create unity between the soul and God, that is bhakti. That is the complete yoga system—unity.


2017 Festival Timings

July 29th (Saturday) and July 30th (Sunday) from 12:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Aloha Bhangra

Top Prize -Win two tickets to Hawaii and free stay for two nights and many more prizes to be won.


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Ananda Mela is the largest festival in the Northwest showcasing the diversity of incredible India. It is a FREE outdoor festival held at the Redmond City Hall campus, drawing around 20,000 attendees over a glorious summer weekend.