2017 Festival Timings

July 29th (Saturday) and July 30th (Sunday) from 12:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Aloha Bhangra

Top Prize -Win two tickets to Hawaii and free stay for two nights and many more prizes to be won.


Commercial Sponsorship - Diamond Level

Food vendors are not allowed.


  • 10’x10’ Gold/Gold Plus Spot fixed area
  • Full page b/w advertisement in Festival Magazine
  • Company name and message will be added on web site

Note: Tent, tables and chairs are not included in the sponsorship fee.
Sponsors should bring their own tent(10’x10’), table and chairs.
Food vendors are not permitted
Sponsorship Contact: 425-495-2872

River Ganges Exhibit

Theme of this year’s Ananda Mela is River Ganga ( Ganges) . Don’t miss to watch gigantic 100+ feet display showcasing complete river path of mother Ganga from its origin at Gangotri to merging into bay of Bengal with flowing river water simulation. Display will also feature various holy cities on the river bank like Rishikesh, Haridwar , Allahabad , Varanasi , Gaya Mayapur dham . Aarti and puja will be performed at regular intervals for visitors to participate.

Pancatantra Treasure Hunt for Kids

There will be many displays of original Pancatantra stories that children will find in different places of the festival grounds. They can go around and read them and learn the moral of the story. Then come to the Pancatantra booth where they can recite three stories and win a prize.

Please help your kids to participate in treasure hunt.

Ananda Mela 2015: Message from the Artistic Director

Vedic Cultural Center of Sammamish, in close collaboration with the City of Redmond, is pleased to bring you the sixth Ananda Mela: Joyful Festival of India. On July 25th and 26th, Redmond City Hall will be abuzz with thousands of attendees, enjoying and partaking in a variety of artistic and cultural activities that are quintessentially Indian. Thanks in no small measure to the vision and commitment of the festival’s founder and leader, Harry Terhanian, Ananda Mela has grown into a regular annual Redmond event, and the largest festival of Indian art and culture in the Northwest.


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Ananda Mela is the largest festival in the Northwest showcasing the diversity of incredible India. It is a FREE outdoor festival held at the Redmond City Hall campus, drawing around 20,000 attendees over a glorious summer weekend.